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There is not much to tell about myself if you already familiar with my fanfiction works. If not, I am known as Split Persona to most and a YEARS ago (omg, I was so young and now feel so old just thinking about it), I was known for carrying on a rather odd dealings with my own 'split personalities'. I prefer to forget that time of life actually existed and is recorded for others to see.

Writing is one of the most important things in my life. I love to read other people's works and to have people read and critique my own. I believe that is the best way to develop yourself into a well-rounded and well-versed writer. I want to be able to have my own works published, and to further this desire, I occasionally post small bits and summaries of my original work on this journal, specifically my story, Fire Blood, so that they may be read by others. This will help me to find the mistakes in my work or even to take a different road/idea that I had not even thought of.

Personally, I am a multi-racial girl from the United States who enjoys to read, write, use computers, and watch anime. That's it. I'm a very boring person. But I hope that doesn't keep you from checking out my work.

This journal was orginally meant just for my original works of fiction, but due to the fact that I am a fanfiction-obsessed fangirl, I was unable to stop myself from delving back into mainstream fandom. I have a few fanfics that I am currently working on, the two main ones can be found in my memories, and my favorite series of the moment are Naruto (hence my multiple posts/rants/squees about said manga/anime), Axis Powers Hetalia, Code GeassKyou Kara Maou, Gundam 00, D.Gray-man (hence my Kanda Yuu layout), Loveless, Vampire Knight, and Meine Liebe (but the fandom for ML is so small, especially in regards to the anime, that I will bow and praise anyone who can point me in the direction of good Eduard-centric shounen ai/yaoi fics). I used to be a huge Bleach fan, but drifted away from it over a year ago. I keep telling myself that I need to go back and see if things have changed significantly.

For the most part, my activeness in fandom in fandom varies. I'm working on being more active, but school (and real life in general) makes it somewhat difficult to keep a good writing schedule, and that's how I came to making icons. I love making icons because I'm normally very visual art illiterate. I have a variety of series I enjoy, and plan to make icons for, and have no problem taking requests if someone has a certain type of icon they're looking for. All icons I use have been made by me, but I do ask permission and give credit to any fanartists that I get material from. Because of my icon obsession, I have made a few basic Friends Only Banners and eventually moved on to making layouts. My layout journal is [info]spk_creates for anyone who is interested in checking my works out.

And I might not be too outgoing, but I consider myself fairly friendly, so if you want to stop in, feel free.

the [info]stupidsexystrip: a gundam b00bies fancomic

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[If I wasstrandedon adeserted islandI would bring:matches,food,andUchiha Sasuke and Kanda Yuu!]

by [info]nayama

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Kanda Yuuwearsrabbit-print pantiespanties.

Genjo Sanzowearsthongpanties.
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