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2037-08-16 06:12 pm
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[OOC] Catch-All HMD

So I've realized that I probably should have had one of these for...a while now, but I apologize. This is now a post where people can come to me with any comments or critiques they have for any and all of my characters, whether in game or out. If you would rather contact me here than do it on the character's HMD that is perfectly okay.

Anonymous comments are allowed and IP-logging has been disabled. All comments are screened and private. If you would rather that I do not screen a comment you leave here, let me know.

Current Characters in Games:
@ [community profile] tushanshu
Galatea ♦ DCAU: Justice League Unlimited ♦ [personal profile] funkindofwicked
Kaldur'ahm ♓ Young Justice ♓ [personal profile] apologiesmyking
Toro Raymond ♈ Marvel 616 ♈ [personal profile] flamingshortshorts (circa 1949)

Akili ▼ Zenescope Comics ▼ [personal profile] championofthesmall
Danny Rand ☯ Marvel Comics ☯ [personal profile] prettywhiteforakungfuguy
Felicia McCready ʄ Original Character ʄ [personal profile] notsoheavenly
Jesse Turner ⇕ Supernatural ⇕ [personal profile] antiluck
Robyn ↹ Zenescope Comics ↹ [personal profile] rebelhood
Sam Alexander ✦ Marvek 616 ✦ [personal profile] permissionslip
Seyn Ayliffe ® Original Character ® [personal profile] pawimprinting
Toul ❋ Original Character ❋ [personal profile] bendthekey

My Full Muse List is HERE and a little bit incomplete, but I'm working on it.
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2036-10-28 12:28 pm

[Flight Rising] Dragon Profiles and Breeding Pairings

For those who do not know, Flight Rising is an online game and forum involving the breeding, training, and augmenting of breeds of dragons. One of the main things is pairing dragons up to see what variations you can get for the primary, secondary, and tertiary color combo. You can find out anything you need to know about the game and the dragons here. My username is Calenlass (and there is a definite Tolkien pattern to the names of my dragons yes), so any current users, feel free to add me if you want!

This post is to keep track of what "semi-official" pairs I have set up in my own lair. Through using this wonderful generator, you can pair up two dragons and see the potential range of colors their offspring can be born with. Of course, I'm still pretty new to the game and a lot of my dragons are babies, or just aren't at their breeding stage yet, so nothing will come out of them for a couple weeks yet.

Breeding all the Dragons )
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2025-07-27 12:46 am
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[RPG] Muse List

I finally decided to make a list of all of the muses I have for RP. It's starting to get long... Beneath Here Insanity Lies ) I'm insane. I know this.
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2024-01-11 03:06 am
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[RPG] Muse Strength

Here's a list of my characters that are currently in games and the approximate strength/opinion I have of them rp-wise. To see a fuller (but still kind of imcomplete) list of my muses, check here.

To the Muses! )
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2020-12-26 09:32 pm
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Like many others, I've taken my personal journal and moved it to Dreamwidth. I haven't really use it in the last few months...year...okay, for a long while. But I actually have a reason to use it now!

I've recently gotten into Marvel Comics and I'm hooked. And I've fallen for Toro/Tom Raymond because he's kind of adorable and boy does his life suck. I've decided to write twenty (20) drabbles all connected in continuity, but for this I need prompts.

THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN. Give me a prompts, please! A word/phrase or even an event from the comics that I can do a coda for. I'll take the first twenty (+ five bonuses that won't necessarily be part of the continuity) and write them as inspiration hits, but try to make them all fit together in a single continuity.

Prompt Table )
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2010-10-20 02:22 am

Lost my mind and kind of enjoying it.

Turning 23 meant a Descent into Madness...again )

And after I did all of this work and was trying to find mods I realized that I hadn't even thought of a character I should reserve. Because I can think ahead, yeah.
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2010-10-03 02:30 pm

Does this mean I'm an artist now?

I completely suck at coloring. I know this and yet I still color some of my manga icons anyway. They look like crap, but I do it. A couple days ago I finally decide to check out a tutorial on how to color manga scans and put this Photoshop that takes up so much space on my harddrive to good use. For my coloring exploits I decided to use D.Gray-man chapter 199. And spent hours playing with Photoshop and forgetting about everything else. >>

Given that is the most recent chapter, these may be considered spoilers. And there's a Kanda/Alma-focus...but if you know the recent chapters...yeah.

Finished Product #1 )

Finished Product #2 )

I chose yellow for all of the backgrounds because it's a bright contrast. Probably should have chosen a different color but oh well. I'm using the first scan with the hug as an icon for my Alma journal, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the other one. *shrug* I just colored it because I love that scene.
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2010-08-30 08:50 pm
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Story Time! The Little Yellow Bird

It's been literally years since I wrote anything original, but I was writing my app for Alma Karma at Marina Asylum and felt kind of Brothers Grimm-ish. This is the story that came of that and I don't think it's a perfect story by far, but it's the first "fairytale" I've ever written, so I like it.

The Little Yellow Bird

There was once a woodcutter who had a young daughter and he loved her very dearly. Sadly, since her mother had died when she was a babe, the girl, Hilde, had to spend most of her time alone in their cottage while her father worked out in the forest. The woodcutter would come home to find his daughter waiting earnestly for him and when he would leave, she would stare forlornly out the window after him. It hurt him deeply to know that she spent all of her time alone, but he did not know what to do.

One day, on his way home with a cart filled with chopped wood to sell in town the next day, the woodcutter was surprised by a old woman standing in the road. She looked very tired, as if she has been walking all day. The woodcutter felt pity for her and stopped his cart.

It will be cold with the setting sun, why do you stand here alone? )
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2010-06-13 03:03 pm


Name: Kaitie
DW: [personal profile] redconfession
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] red_confession
AIM: RedConfession
Plurk: RedConfession
Email: Kaitiekudara [AT] gmail [DOT] com

the midnighter
The Authority/Wildstorm
[livejournal.com profile] grouchinleather/[personal profile] grouchinleather
[livejournal.com profile] a_facility
Canon Point: Pre-World's End
damian wayne
DC Comics
[livejournal.com profile] worthyheir/[personal profile] worthyheir
[community profile] witchesreign/[livejournal.com profile] a_facility
Canon Point: Batman and Robin 13
kate bishop
Marvel Comics
[livejournal.com profile] donttouchmybow/[personal profile] hawkette
[community profile] witchesreign
Canon Point: Pre-Children's Crusade
trucy wright
Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban
[livejournal.com profile] mybffmrhat/[personal profile] mybffmrhat
[community profile] asgardeventide
Canon Point: Post Apollo Justice

gavril ivanovich
DC Comics
[livejournal.com profile] hypocriteonjl/[personal profile] hypocriteonjl
thor odinson (thorlief golmen)
Ultimate Marvel Comics
[livejournal.com profile] godnotcrazy/[personal profile] godnotcrazy
Marvel Comics
[livejournal.com profile] mongreldog/[personal profile] settleforahug
batman (bruce wayne)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
[livejournal.com profile] nodinnerbreaks/[personal profile] doesnoteatnachos
tallant wayne (batman)
DC Comics Elseworlds
[livejournal.com profile] thebatmullet
999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
[livejournal.com profile] atenine
cho hakkai
Saiyuki RELOAD burial
[personal profile] yetanotherpunishment
trucy enigmar
Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban
[livejournal.com profile] trucythegreat
damian wayne
DC Comics (AU)
[livejournal.com profile] badbittybat
aged-up damian wayne
DC Comics (AU)
[personal profile] gothamscrusader

aiden carpenter
[personal profile] aidencarpenter
chase kelly
[personal profile] hispeedchase


- Cho Hakkai ([personal profile] threwawayhumanity/[livejournal.com profile] youkaibydesign) - Saiyuki
- Damian Wayne ([personal profile] babbybat/[livejournal.com profile] babbybat) - DC Comics AU (as Batman)
- Damian Al Ghul/Wayne ([personal profile] assalghul) - DC Comics


- Genjyo Sanzo ([personal profile] doyouwanttodie) - Saiyuki
- Train Heartnet - Black Cat
- Sven Vollfied - Black Cat

Table created by RP_Tutorials.

Last Updated: December 29, 2011

potential other cr code
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2010-03-24 12:59 am
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MEME TIME. ...As always. XD

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] creamer. ♥

Respond and I'll give you the name of a character(s) you RP and you have to answer these questions:

1. What would your character kill for? What would they die for?
2. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances? Why?
3. What do they dream about? [Either literal or figurative, specify please.]
4. What's their biggest fear?
5. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
6. What is their fondest memory?
7. What is their worst memory?
8. What or who was were their most significant influence? Expound.
9. What do they believe makes a successful life?
10. What makes them laugh?
11. What are their religious views?
12. What is their greatest strength?
13. Do they have a fatal flaw? If so, what is it?
14. Who is the most important person in their life?
15. If they died, who would miss them most? How would they die?

Aidou and Miranda from Marina Asylum )

I also was poked with Josak and Johnny...who I will get to tomorrow. ^_^;;
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2009-12-25 02:30 pm


I barely make posts to this journal anymore, but I just wanted to say:


I hope you have a nice family get-togethers, or just some peaceful time to yourself if that's what you want/need. And I'll see you all in the New Year!

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2009-06-04 02:34 pm

Icon Post #3 (Many New Icons added 6/4/09)

Wow, I've reached my third icon post. Of course, if you want to see some of my older works check out my First Icon Post and my Second Icon Post.

All of the icons here are made by me, and I've credited those who have contributed anything. I'm not that largely concerned about credit, but please do credit doujinshika, fanartists, colorers, and anyone that has been credited for the making of an icon.

I do make personalized/custom icons, and so those will be specified as to whether or not they can be used.

Warning: Any of the icons may and probably will contains spoilers so look at your own risk.

D.N.Angel )

Gundam 00 )

Kyou Kara Maou (New Icons Added) )

Naruto (New Icons Added) )

D.Gray-man (New Category Added) )
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2008-10-04 09:26 pm

Sample Fic

I'm sharing part of the KushinaxMikoto fic that I'm writing (my first YURI!), so that I can get some advice about the voice and tone. I'm really rusty, so I'm concerned that I may be letting my academic writing style in too much. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is f-locked though, because I won't be sharing this to a wide audience until I finish it.

You don't have to know any specifics about the Naruto series to read this preview beyond the fact that Naruto-verse is about ninja and the sharingan is a special family trait. It's true!

Title: Untitled
Character(s)/Pairing: Uchiha Mikoto
Prompt: "I don't care if you are an Uchiha. I don't back down from challenges, Mikoto-chan," Uzumaki Kushina taunts with an impish grin. (fabulous one-line by [livejournal.com profile] lady_zana)

Fate is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy )
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2008-10-03 03:00 am

Icon Post #2 (Mass Update 10/3/08)

I've decided to just go with the flow and not separate all of the icons by fandom. I'll just keep putting up new posts each time I fill one up. If you're looking for my older icons then they will be on Icon Post #1.

So enjoy my latest icons and remember that creditting me is always optional, but please credit the artists of any fanart I use. I always enjoy comments that let me know which icons people like most.

D.N.Angel )


Naruto )

Bleach )

Gundam 00 )

D.Gray-man )

Vampire Knight )

Non-Fandom-Centric )

Miscellaneous Fandoms )
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2007-10-09 06:06 pm

Icon Files (New Kyou Kara Maou/Wolfram Icons Added 12/10)

I noticed I have been making a lot of icons lately, but haven't posted all of them. So now, I'm finally getting off of my ass and making a post where I will house all of my icons. I'll keep it at the top of my journal entries so that if anyone's interested they can take a look and take what they like. All I ask is that credit is given if I used someone else's art and those will be marked.

I'm also including those I've made for other people, which will also be marked. Those are not for use of others, but just for reference, unless the person gives permission. When permission is given, I'll mark it. If you want me to make you an icon, I have NO problem with that. ^_^ Just drop a comment, but if it's for a fandom I know nothing about, I might ask for links to get images. I tend to make animated GIF icon, and none of them are particularly elaborate, but don't be afraid to ask.

EDIT: All Icons I have copies of have been posted. Of course, I lost certain files January 2007 so if you have a copy of one of my icons that's not listed, please tell me. I know for a fact that I'm missing a Bleach: Ishida Uryuu icon.

Permission has been given for all icon made for [livejournal.com profile] lenainverse so have fun with those too. ^_^

Any new icons will be marked.

Bleach )

D.N.Angel )

Kyou Kara Maou )

Meine Liebe )

Naruto )

Other Fandoms (HP, DC Comics, Ouran HSHC, Chrno Crusade) )

Miscellaneous/Not Fandom Specific )