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[OOC] Catch-All HMD

So I've realized that I probably should have had one of these for...a while now, but I apologize. This is now a post where people can come to me with any comments or critiques they have for any and all of my characters, whether in game or out. If you would rather contact me here than do it on the character's HMD that is perfectly okay.

Anonymous comments are allowed and IP-logging has been disabled. All comments are screened and private. If you would rather that I do not screen a comment you leave here, let me know.

Current Characters in Games:
@ [community profile] tushanshu
Galatea ♦ DCAU: Justice League Unlimited ♦ [personal profile] funkindofwicked
Kaldur'ahm ♓ Young Justice ♓ [personal profile] apologiesmyking
Toro Raymond ♈ Marvel 616 ♈ [personal profile] flamingshortshorts (circa 1949)

Akili ▼ Zenescope Comics ▼ [personal profile] championofthesmall
Danny Rand ☯ Marvel Comics ☯ [personal profile] prettywhiteforakungfuguy
Felicia McCready ʄ Original Character ʄ [personal profile] notsoheavenly
Jesse Turner ⇕ Supernatural ⇕ [personal profile] antiluck
Robyn ↹ Zenescope Comics ↹ [personal profile] rebelhood
Sam Alexander ✦ Marvek 616 ✦ [personal profile] permissionslip
Seyn Ayliffe ® Original Character ® [personal profile] pawimprinting
Toul ❋ Original Character ❋ [personal profile] bendthekey

My Full Muse List is HERE and a little bit incomplete, but I'm working on it.