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[Flight Rising] Dragon Profiles and Breeding Pairings

For those who do not know, Flight Rising is an online game and forum involving the breeding, training, and augmenting of breeds of dragons. One of the main things is pairing dragons up to see what variations you can get for the primary, secondary, and tertiary color combo. You can find out anything you need to know about the game and the dragons here. My username is Calenlass (and there is a definite Tolkien pattern to the names of my dragons yes), so any current users, feel free to add me if you want!

This post is to keep track of what "semi-official" pairs I have set up in my own lair. Through using this wonderful generator, you can pair up two dragons and see the potential range of colors their offspring can be born with. Of course, I'm still pretty new to the game and a lot of my dragons are babies, or just aren't at their breeding stage yet, so nothing will come out of them for a couple weeks yet.


Guardian Pair
Midnight Iridescent/Purple Shimmer/Violet Basic
Ice Tiger/Avocado Shimmer/White Basic

Spiral Pair
Silver Tiger/Storm Shimmer/Silver Basic
Coal Iridescent/Tangerine Shimmer/Orange Basic

Pearlcatcher Pair
Black Basic/Coral Basic/Silver Circuit
Navy Basic/Crimson Stripes/Stone Basic (intending to Tiger gene)

Pearlcatcher Pair
Obsidian Tiger/Denim Eye Spots/Black Basic
Midnight Tiger/Storm Shimmer/Black Basic

Imperial Pair
Midnight Iridescent/Spring Shimmer/Goldenrod Basic
Coal Tiger/Obsidian Shimmer/Charcoal Basic

Imperial Pair
White Iridescent/Coal Shimmer/Mulberry Basic
Forest Tiger/Midnight Eye Spots/Shadow Basic

Skydancer Pair
Black Tiger/Blue Basic/Avocado Basic (intending to Seraph gene)
White Tiger/Obsidian Shimmer/Beige Basic

Luna is owned by Firestarter, but we're intending to breed her and Niquis at least once in my Light nests and once in her Lightning nests.

Skydancer Pair
Banana Basic/Fire Seraph/Ice Basic (intending to Tiger gene)
Ice Basic/Violet Basic/Sand Basic (intending to Shimmer gene)

Spiral Pair
Purple Basic/Platinum Seraph/Red Basic
Obsidian Tiger/Blue Basic/Shadow Basic (intending to Shimmer gene)

Guardian Pair
Obsidian Basic/Carmine Freckles/Fire Basic
Ivory Basic/Brown Stripes/Obsidian Gembond

Guardian Pair
Forest Tiger/Black Stripes/Swamp Basic
Carmine Basic/Maroon Stripes/Banana Underbelly


Imperial Female
Royal Tiger/Lavender Shimmer/Maroon Basic

Skydancer Male
Obsidian Tiger/Forest Shimmer/Beige Basic

Spiral Male
Leaf Speckle/Coal Basic/Brown Basic

Guardian Male
Ice Speckle/Steel Eye Spots/Crimson Basic

Guardian Male
Splash Basic/Jade Basic/Magenta Basic (intending to Iridescent and Shimmer gene)

Spiral Male
Rose Tiger/Platinum Stripes/Maroon Basic

Merilion was too pretty for me not to buy, but he's also got a different enough range from most of my male spirals that the spectrums he has with my girls are really cute, too. I might end up picking up another girl to mate him with later, though.

Guardian Female
Fire Tiger/Sunshine Stripes/Tomato Basic

Picked this girl up because I wanted another female in my lair and she has a great color range. Uruiel has a wonderful spectrum with several of my male guardians.

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