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Like many others, I've taken my personal journal and moved it to Dreamwidth. I haven't really use it in the last few months...year...okay, for a long while. But I actually have a reason to use it now!

I've recently gotten into Marvel Comics and I'm hooked. And I've fallen for Toro/Tom Raymond because he's kind of adorable and boy does his life suck. I've decided to write twenty (20) drabbles all connected in continuity, but for this I need prompts.

THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN. Give me a prompts, please! A word/phrase or even an event from the comics that I can do a coda for. I'll take the first twenty (+ five bonuses that won't necessarily be part of the continuity) and write them as inspiration hits, but try to make them all fit together in a single continuity.

Flickering in Time

1. Cows 2. Male Strippers 3. Thongs 4. Potatoes 5. Puns
6. Fire-proof 7. Cold 8. Old Photographs 9. TBD 10. TBD
11. TBD 12. TBD 13. TBD 14. TBD 15. TBD
16. TBD 17. TBD 18. TBD 19. TBD 20. TBD

Bonus Prompt #1 by [livejournal.com profile] bucky_cap: Bucky/Toro, "relightacock"

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