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Kathrine ([personal profile] spkathrine) wrote2010-10-20 02:22 am

Lost my mind and kind of enjoying it.

For my birthday I decided to go crazy and finally put some of the ideas I had for a Battle Royale-inspired roleplay game into action and make the game. I have spent the last four days on it and I have really enjoyed all of the effort and thought that goes into the game as clear and well-structured as I can.

And from my efforts came, Please Save My Universe: A Battle Royale-based RPG.

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I don't know how much time I'll have to devote to it if I get this part-time job I am almost a shoe-in for, but I'll figure it out. I'm not sure how to go about getting other mods. I poked around on the rpanoncomm trying to get some advice and see who could be interested, but got no biters.

Even so, if the game stays small (less than 20 players and under 35 characters), I think I can manage it myself fine. I'll try to be as impartial and fair as I can. If I have any doubts about a decision, I'll probably make a poll and ask the players for their opinions (except when it comes to apps).

I know there are probably some kinks still in the game, but I'm a at loss currently for what more I could/should do.

And after I did all of this work and was trying to find mods I realized that I hadn't even thought of a character I should reserve. Because I can think ahead, yeah.

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