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[RPG] Muse Strength

Here's a list of my characters that are currently in games and the approximate strength/opinion I have of them rp-wise. To see a fuller (but still kind of imcomplete) list of my muses, check here.

Alma Karma; D.Gray-man
Tagging priority: ■■■■□: He's one of the top muses I think of for tagging things.
Muse strength: ■■■□□: Strong, but I waffle a bit since he's such an unstable person.
Cast strength: ■■■■■: SUPER STRONG (Allen, Alma, Cross, Fou, Kanda, Komui, Lavi, Lenalee, Miranda, Road, and Tyki). All the important people are there.
Plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: Not much cast plotting going on now, but he is easy to find things to do with.
General fun level: ■■■□□: I have a lot of fun playing him even with the characterization doubts.
Likelihood of drop: ■□□□□: If I had to drop someone he's very low on the list of possibles.

Ava Wilson; Supernatural
Tagging priority: ■□□□□: The lowest on the list because she's a stubborn muse. >>;
Muse strength: ■■■□□: I know the character and I think I have her personality down, but the lack of canon information makes me over think things some times.
Cast strength: ■■■□□: Strong! I think the only people who could make it better for Ava would be a Lucifer, Azazel, or an Andy.
Plotting capabilities: ■■□□□: She can get into plots...when she wants, too. The Fight Club thing has been fun and I'm willing to through her at events. She just...doesn't get close to people.
General fun level: ■■■■□: I really do enjoy playing her and I LOVE her CR, which is why I haven't dropped her. She's slowly putting herself out there, too, so progress is good.
Likelihood of drop: ■■■■□: If I had to pick someone...she would be first or second on my list.

Uchiha Itachi; Naruto
Tagging priority: ■■■□□: When he's tagging things, I'm really into it, but he's a quiet muse so usually...he's not tagging things.
Muse strength: ■■■■■: My strongest muse I would say. Yes, even more than Rapunzel.
Cast strength: ■■■□□: Sasuke and Kisame (and Kitty). Small, but awesome for Itachi.
Plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: Sadly, it is hard to plot for him, even though I adore him. Cast things are easy, though.
General fun level: ■■■■□: He can get into tough threads and he talks about things I don't always GET, but I love him and even enjoy all the weird failosophical things he talks about.
Likelihood of drop: ■□□□□: Never, unless I'm dropping them all.

Miranda Lotto; D.Gray-man
Tagging priority: ■■■□□: In the middle. I know I can do her tags easy, so sometimes others take over, but I never forget them.
Muse strength: ■■■■□: Still strong, even after a year and a half. I think she'll be my record if I keep her.
Cast strength: ■■■■■: SUPER STRONG. See above with Alma. I'd love a Krory and a Marie, though.
Plotting capabilities: ■■□□□: Easy and yet hard. She's low priority is a lot of ways and her Innocence isn't useful much in Marina. Simple things and CR building is okay, but getting her actively involved in bigger plots is difficult.
General fun level: ■■■□□: Fun and easy. Safe. Maybe too safe sometimes, but I still love her.
Likelihood of drop: ■■□□□: I wouldn't want to drop her, but if I had to choose between my two DGM peeps, I'd pick her to go.

Rapunzel; Tangled
Tagging priority: ■■■■□: She tags all the things and is constantly busy/involved. I have to give her priority or I'd never get done.
Muse strength: ■■■■■: Only beaten by Itachi. Wow. I have no idea how she got to be such a strong muse.
Cast strength: ■■■□□: MOTHER GOTHEL. So awesome. I'd love a Flynn, too, but MOTHER makes it so great.
Plotting capabilities: ■■■■□: She is all for plotting! Even if she has to sneak out or maybe lie to Mother about it. She'll find a way to get involved or find something to do.
General fun level: ■■■■□: I really enjoy tagging with her, even if sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by her sociability.
Likelihood of drop: ■□□□□: Not very likely. She will be around for a while, guys.

Richie "Gear" Foley; Static Shock
Tagging priority: ■■■□□: He's usually involved in big things or simple things. So about middle, with Miranda.
Muse strength: ■■■□□: Strong-ish, but he gets bored easily with nothing to do and shuts down on me.
Cast strength: □□□□□: Cast? What cast?
Plotting capabilities: ■■■□□: Richie is all up for the BIG things. Events/Plots. But simple things become harder.
General fun level: ■■■□□: I love him and his crazy geekness, but sometimes I think he gets too lost in his own brain and I am not smart enough for him.
Likelihood of drop: ■■■■□: If I had to choose, he would be the most likely to let go first because he has no real connections and no cast.

Seiji Date; Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Tagging priority: ■■□□□: Low, if only because he's quiet and the others are more active.
Muse strength: ■■■□□: Strong. But like I said, quiet. He really doesn't mind just sitting around all day and meditating or training and not getting into people's business.
Cast strength: ■□□□□: None now, but there is the possibility of a cast!
Plotting capabilities: ■■□□□: Hard for plotting since he's so non-confrontational. If i put him on the DF that might help since he really does want to help people.
General fun level: ■■■□□: I like tagging with him, but it's getting him out there that is the problem.
Likelihood of drop: ■■■□□: Sadly he is more likely than some of the others because he has very few connections in game right now, if any.

Mary Campbell (Winchester); Supernatural
Tagging priority: ■□□□□: Looooow. I got to her after all my Marina-kids.
Muse strength: ■■■□□: The muse is there and kicking! I just need to do more with her.
Cast strength: ■■■□□: She has castmates that she could do more with. Some plotting would probably be a good idea.
Plotting capabilities: ■□□□□: Going crappy at the moment, but I would like to think she can still be involved and DO things.
General fun level: ■■■□□: I really do enjoy playing her when I do, I just let her get pushed to the side for the others.
Likelihood of drop: ■■■■■■: If I can't get her more involved and active in Veil, she's going.

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