Aug. 30th, 2010

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It's been literally years since I wrote anything original, but I was writing my app for Alma Karma at Marina Asylum and felt kind of Brothers Grimm-ish. This is the story that came of that and I don't think it's a perfect story by far, but it's the first "fairytale" I've ever written, so I like it.

The Little Yellow Bird

There was once a woodcutter who had a young daughter and he loved her very dearly. Sadly, since her mother had died when she was a babe, the girl, Hilde, had to spend most of her time alone in their cottage while her father worked out in the forest. The woodcutter would come home to find his daughter waiting earnestly for him and when he would leave, she would stare forlornly out the window after him. It hurt him deeply to know that she spent all of her time alone, but he did not know what to do.

One day, on his way home with a cart filled with chopped wood to sell in town the next day, the woodcutter was surprised by a old woman standing in the road. She looked very tired, as if she has been walking all day. The woodcutter felt pity for her and stopped his cart.

It will be cold with the setting sun, why do you stand here alone? )


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